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Panel Furniture Install Tips

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Panel Furniture Install Tips
Latest company news about Panel Furniture Install Tips

All the screw holes of panel furniture have been positioned when they are produced. There is no way to change the installation method, and it needs to be installed step by step. Below are some tips during install.


Before installing panel furniture, it is best to classify all the screws, because we will use several kinds of screws. The advantage of classification is that you can find the screws you need right away; If you don't classify, what screws are needed, get the screws inside the package and rummage around, it will waste a lot of time.


Before install, please read the installation drawings carefully and prepare the needful tools, such as flat cross screwdriver, hammer, etc. It is best not to confuse the parts after the packaging is opened. If there are more similar parts, the drawings will draw a comparison diagram.

When install panel furniture, two people will be more efficient than one person. many parts need to check and fix the holes, it will be coordinated several fixed screw & fixed screens at the same time. Two people to install a cabinet, respectively, It will take at least an hour or more per person to complete the installation.


For combined cabinet

For combined cabinet, TV cabinet, decorative cabinet. Generally installed from the bottom, in the hardware first to check whether there is a CD rack and small door must be installed, pay attention to whether the drawer size, beveled, installation to avoid confusion, in addition to the cut can not miss installation plug, magnetic touch and glue, etc., affecting the quality of products.

For a suite containing wardrobe

For a suite containing wardrobe, large bed, dressing table and stool, bedside table, the installation should be from large to small, the first wardrobe, dresser stool or computer desk, bedside table, and finally the large bed. The wardrobe is generally deleted face down, if the front of the roof and the bottom plate is too large, it should be assembled back down.

For sofa

For sofa of real wood sofa, leather, cloth art sofa and cane implement sofa, cane implement and cloth art sofa need to install very few, need to install sofa foot only commonly. The solid wood sofa of modular type helps hand board to join from the side to rely on back plate commonly first, install before horizontal strip next, it is another side to help hand board next, it is sofa foot finally. Do not screw the installation of a screw in the end, in the 2/3, the whole frame installed after the ground force on the flat iron frame, and then tighten the screws, so that you can avoid installed after the uneven phenomenon of the sofa.


If there is damage according to the plate inspection, you can contact the merchant to fill. To install screws, eccentric parts, the place of the operative shaft, will open a good guide hole, the positioning of parts do not have to worry. Need to pay attention to is, do not happen on the wrong parts and repeatedly screw the situation, otherwise easy to damage the plate, the installation is often unstable, tilt, etc..


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