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We have been worked with Profit for many years, it's one of our reliable supplier which is a good company with nice service and high quality and high reputation. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Dirk Krämer

—— Dirk Krämer

Della,thanks for your kindly hospitality. Your company Profit is very professional , good luck 2021.

—— Puttachat K. (Put)

Della, happy CNY 2021 and look forward to cooperating with Profit in the near future. Best regards, Ivy So

—— Ivy So

Please develop more coffee tables and side tables with better prices, so we can sell to more clients and gain larger markets. Thanks you.

—— James Sutanto

First cooperation with Profit. The bathroom cabinets are very good, hope can be hot-sale.

—— Ahmed Ghanem

Company News
china latest news about Maintenance of wooden furniture

Maintenance of wooden furniture

[2021-07-02 11:17:09]
Keep out of direct sunlight. Although the sun in autumn is not as intense as in summer, the long hours of sun combined with the already dry climate make the wood too dry and easy to have cracks and partial discoloration. Avoid scratches with hard objects. Don't let the cleaning tools touch the ... Read More
china latest news about Functional category of furniture

Functional category of furniture

[2021-09-02 16:28:48]
According to the functional, furniture is divided into: office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture. Living room furniture: sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, decorative ... Read More
china latest news about 4 kinds of furniture materials

4 kinds of furniture materials

[2021-09-03 14:29:38]
Generally speaking, furniture materials are divided into 4 kinds: Solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture refers to furniture are made of natural wood, such furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood. Pure solid wood furniture is strict with craft and material itself. ... Read More
china latest news about Panel Furniture Install Tips

Panel Furniture Install Tips

[2021-07-02 10:29:55]
All the screw holes of panel furniture have been positioned when they are produced. There is no way to change the installation method, and it needs to be installed step by step. Below are some tips during install. Before installing panel furniture, it is best to classify all the screws, because we ... Read More
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